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[Huntingdonshire County Flag]


Huntingdonshire has an official county flag.

The Flag Institute has granted to the County of Huntingdonshire an official county flag, which now appears on the Institute's UK Flags Register, joining a number of other county flags flown proudly in their respective shires.  For our county flag's entry on the Register, see here.

The Huntingdonshire Flag was designed and approved for registration in 2009,  but the pattern is much older and comes from a grant by the College of Arms, the heraldic authority for England and Wales.  When the College of Arms granted arms to the former County Council, they included a flag. The flag appears at the very top of the arms; above the shield is placed a crested helm, on which crest a red lion holds aloft a flag-staff with a banner representing Huntingdonshire. The flag is heraldically described in the grant of arms as:

"a Banner Vert charged with a Hunting Horn stringed Or"   - or in plain English green with a gold, ribboned hunting horn.

The Huntingdonshire Society began promoting the idea of a county flag in June 2007, proposing a design based on the heraldic banner, and we received many positive comments.  Over the course of time we found that goods with our flag design were being sold all over the world!  In 2009 the Flag Institute took a hand and suggested a new, improved design, which we were happy to endorse.  The Flag Institute's pattern, which appears above, became the registered county flag.

Huntingdonshire county flag at Eland House

The Department of Communities and Local Government decided in 2010 to fly county flags week by week at its headquarters in London and for the first time on 25 April 2011, on Huntingdonshire Day, it raised the Huntingdonshire flag for the week,  which has continued in subsequent years. On the same day, the Huntingdonshire Society presented a flag to Jonathan Djanogly MP in Huntingdon.

Huntingdonshire District Council has also flown the flag on Huntingdonshire Day, beginning in 2015.

Huntingdonshire county flag at Eland House

The Huntingdonshire Flag is not just for Huntingdonshire Day; our county flag is a fine way to celebrate our love for our great little county throughout the year.


The buy a county flag (5 feet x 3 feet), Click here, or send �5 payable to "The Huntingdonshire Society" to:

Derek Norman
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Huntingdonshire County Council's Arms

[Hunts CC arms]

The full achievement of arms consists of the Shield, the Helm and the Crest above that, together with a motto, and mantling.

The shield has a lozenge for the shape of the county, and representations of agriculture.

The crest has a lion bearing a flag, from which the Huntingdonshire flag is taken.

[Crest from Hunts CC arms]
Shield: Barry wavy Argent and Azure on a Lozenge throughout Vert between in chief three Garbs one and two and in base a Cornucopia a Fess embattled all Or. Crest: On a Wreath of Argent and Azure a Lion rampant Gules gorged with a Collar flory counter-flory Or and supporting a Staff proper flying therefrom a Banner Vert charged with a Hunting Horn stringed Or.

The red lion of the crest is intended to represent the Scottish Kings who held the earldom of Huntingdon. We may never know if they used a special flag for their southerly earldom, but the heralds' imagination has supplied one.

The arms are now owned by Huntingdonshire District Council and they are the Council's private property (as all heraldic arms are privately owned; there has never been a concept of the arms of a county as such).

How will you use the County Flag?

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Other County Flags

Other counties have looked to adopt flags too. The oldest perhaps, and the most widely recognised, is the Cornish "St Piran Flag". Some are of ancient pattern, some have appeared just in the last few years and others will arise as the idea takes hold on the public imagination.  A good article about County flags appear on Wikishire, and pictures and description appear in its article "British flags".


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